Friday, June 18, 2010

~~~~ Oh the joys of it all. i am moving Son and i out of the house that we share with Roommate and into an apartment of our own. It is time that we have our own place with our own rules and belongs. Do not get me wrong i love living with Roommate and part of me does not want to move out. Roommate is not kicking me out either it is just time for Son and i to have our own place. Even though it is only 5 or so houses down the street in some very nice apartments. Roommate will still be helping me with somethings and we are still extremely close friends nothing is going to change that.

~~~~ Today mom and i moved 4 dressers up stairs into my apartment as well as a small but sturdy end table that i am going to use as a TV stand, a gliding rocking chair and foot stool, an antique hutch that will used for my microwave stand and added storage in my kitchen, and a book shelfish top of a hutch to be put on one of my dressers. All of this beautiful furniture was found and bought at thrift stores today. i also say a really really beautiful small chest of drawers that i really really really really want but could not get because it was POURING rain and there is no cap on the back of my dad's truck. We are hoping it will be there tomorrow when we go back to look for a couch and that the weather will be nice so that we can get that too. Yes, my dad is out visiting with my mom but he can not help move things because he has a very bad shoulder and back. Not really a problem mom and i did just fine doing it all. Roommate said he and maybe another friend will help me with the truly heavy stuff like my desk, plus the difficult stuff like my mattress and box spring when i get back from OH. Yep, in the middle of me moving Son and i are taking a weeks vacation and going to OH to see all of my family. Roommate will be coming out at the end of the week to celebrate Son's birthday and pick us up.

~~~~ i will post pictures when i get everything moved in and set up. i can not wait to see it all done. Besides moving stuff in we Old Englished the antique hutch and all the wood furniture that we got, wiped down the walls, Clorox wiped down the kitchen cabinets and dresser drawers and the fridge, and wiped off the dust on the registers. Tomorrow i get to wipe down all the closet shelves, scrub out the kitchen sink and bathtub, change the toilet seat, mop the kitchen and bathroom floors, and steam clean the carpets. Plus start moving some of more of our stuff in there.

~~~~ Roommate had to go and visit a friend of ours this weekend so he is really not able to help but that is okay. He will help when he gets back and with the rest of the stuff that needs to be moved out of his house. This is something that really needed to be done and could not be put off so i completely understand.