Saturday, July 30, 2011

~~~~ i have not posted in a long time because i have been so busy with school. i took two classes this summer to get started towards my degree. i want to get my PhD in Occupational Physical Therapy and have just started my basics. i took a math class and an English Comp class and just got my grades for both classes. i got A's in both. i am so happy. 16 week classes in 8 weeks 200+ math problems every week and a 3 page essay every other week plus Son to take care of. i have just been really busy. 

~~~~ Now i get to try get my apartment cleaned back up and looking decent. Son really did not help much with that and has been at his dad's since July 15th and will not be back until Aug 15th.. It will not take me too long to do i just have to get up and do it before i head to OH for a week with my family. i leave Aug 2 and will be back Aug 10th. i really can not wait to go i am going to be getting together with a lot of my old friends and visiting with them as well as my family. It is going to be a lot of fun. 

~~~~ i will get back in just enough time to get Son and i ready for school in the fall. i will be taking 4 classes and that makes me a full time student. Math 108, Biology, Intro to Psych, all at the school and Intro to Soc as an online class. Plus i will be helping Son with his school homework and taking care of him and everything here. i do not think i will have much time for a social life so i guess it is a good thing that my friends all understand that i love them dearly i am just going to be very busy making a better life for Son and myself. i am even encouraging one of my neighbors to go to school and get a degree to help herself and her kids. i told her i would help her study and understand everything that i could. i had a study group this summer for the people in class but only two of them came and i was able to get one of them an A in math and the other i do not know what her final grade was yet but she was having a hard time with the speed. Not the speed of the class but the speed we had to do each problem with so that we got them all done in the time we had to take the test. 

~~~~ i am getting a new laptop when i go out to OH as well. One of my brothers is getting it for me as a Christmas / Birthday gift. This laptop is dieing and i do not want to risk using it and having it crash with my online class. i just have to get my new one set up to my network when i get back and i have no idea how to do that. i will have to have my brother or my friend who always works on my computers walk me through it all. It should not be to hard i hope but we will see. i do not do computer stuff well. i love doing crafts and working with pictures but when it come to setting up a computer i have no clue what to do.  But that is just me. 
~~~~ i am so happy though i finally got an old friend of mine from OH back in my life i lost contact with him 12 years ago when he and i went down to Texas and we have started talking again. We talk almost every day about just about everything and are getting to know each other again. i am really hoping to be able to see him when i go out to OH. i have missed him so much and it is so nice to know that he is doing good in life. He is back in OH and has two kids and a good job and is going to school as well. i am so proud of him. With everything that has happened in his life he is getting it all together and going to school something he swore that he would never do. He made a couple of promises back when we were in OH before we went to Texas and he has kept them too. That really touched me when he told me that.  i must admit i have always loved him. i am not in love with him but i have always loved him and he has always meant the world to me and it is great to be hearing his voice again. i really hope i can see him while i am out in OH but we will have to see what happens.

~~~~ i know i am jumping all around in this trying to get it all out as fast as i can so that i can go work on my apartment and that is what i am going to go do now.  There is a lot more that i want to say but i do not want to get into the stuff that has me upset and am happy and feeling great today and i want to stay that way