Sunday, January 24, 2010

~~~~ i love to go to the Shedd Aquarium. It is absolutely beautiful there. Roommate, Son and i used to have a membership to there and we would go all the time. We would take the Metra ($10) from here to Chicago and then hop on a bus ($8) to the Shedd. We could spend all day walking around and looking at all the different fish and water animals. i could just sit for hours and watch the sharks swimming over your head, or in front of the Beluga Whales , or the jelly fish.

~~~~ We have not been since May when our one year membership expired but we all want to go again and really miss it. i really want to see the new show they have there called Fantasea, Roommate and Son want to see it too. When my tax returns come in i am thinking about getting the Partner Membership for $175 - $249 where i can get free and unlimited entry to all aquarium exhibits for up to four adults and four children 18 and under. Son wants to have his birthday at the Shedd again like he did a couple years ago. my parents want to go as well and see the changes that have been made to the Shedd they have not been for years.

~~~~ i have a ton of pictures from the Shedd too that we have taken there of all the exhibits. We do not use a flash on the camera of course so as not to hurt or upset the animals. A lot of the pictures turned out really neat but some of them are really dark so i need to play with them on Photo Shop and see if i can lighten them up a bit. This is one of the places i would love to try and get a job at but it is just too far to travel and i would have to get up so very early every day to catch the Metra and the bus to get there and i am so not a morning person.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

~~~~ i am just learning to knit. i know i have been saying i want to learn to knit for a long time and i finally found a website that showed me how in a way that i could understand and copy. It really is not as hard as i thought it would be. The website is called Knitting Help. So far i can knit and purl.

~~~~ The first project i made was with just the knit stitch back and forth and i made a light blue wash cloth . i used some of my left over yarn from another project to practice on this way if i happened to tangle it all up i was not wasting yarn that i needed for the projects that i have going. Now i am working on what might be a small soft pink scarf with the knit 1 purl 1 pattern. We shall see how it turns out. This soft pink yarn that i am using is also left over from another project that is why the scarf will be small but i think i know who i can give it to when i am done if it does not look to bad. Again we shall see.

~~~~ i still have all my crocheting projects that i need to work on too and i have to watch how long i sit and knit or crochet because it aggravates my shoulder. i had my x-rays taken yesterday now i have to wait and see what they show. Tomorrow i need to call around and find an Orthopedic Surgeon and place for Physical Therapy that take the insurance that i have. Then i will be back in PT 3 times a week for 6 weeks to start. This will be my third time in PT in nearly as many years. i think everyone is right when they say that i should be in a bubble to protect
myself. i seem to get physically hurt an awful lot.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

~~~~ i feel like i have my own little pharmacy. Now i know there are people who take more pills every day than i do. However this is just how i feel because i hate the idea of taking meds. i now have Flexeril 10mg (muscle relaxer for my shoulder), Motrin 800mg (to help with the pain in shoulder), Midrin (for my migraines), and Vicodin 5/500 (for my back, hips, and shoulder). i have to remember that i can not take the Vicodin and Midrin at the same time; the Midrin and the Motrin can be separated by two hours; the Vicodin, Motrin and Flexeril can all be taken together, the Midrin and Flexeril can be taken together; with the Vicodin and Flexeril i should eat a small snack before i take them to avoid an upset stomach; and the Midrin, Vicodin, and Flexeril all make me very sleepy.

~~~~ As you can tell i saw the Dr. yesterday. He said it does not seem like anything is torn in my shoulder but that there is some kind of impingement of the muscle. i have to go and get x-rays taken of my shoulder, find an Orthopedic Surgeon, and start Physical Therapy for my shoulder. All i have to say is here i go again. So much fun.

~~~~ Though i have to admit i really like this Dr. he is very nice and has a great "bedside manor". i will have to get Son to him soon for his ADHD medications. We will see how Son likes him too. It is not often that a Dr. makes a such a great first impression on me i a
m usually very reserved with Dr.s and it takes me a while to decide if i like them or not.

~~~~ my crocheting is moving along slowly but steadily we will see how these meds help it pick up. i am working on three different blankets right now. Two of my three brothers are getting blankets made, as well as a baby blanket, and i have other blankets that i started ages go and need to finish. Plus i am going to be making
hats, lapghans, shawls, scarves, and neck warms for the cancer treatment center just down the road from my house. Plus a lot of baby blankets to store up for when my friends all have babies. i absolutely love crocheting it is so relaxing and such a stress reliever, plus i can do it and watch tv or a movie, or talk to people in person or on the phone. A few people who have seen me crocheting while i am sitting at a restaurant waiting for my food or have seen me with my finished scarf and book bag have said i should make some of these to sell. i am not sure how to go about this or if i even want to do that. Only time will tell.

Monday, January 11, 2010

~~~~ i give in i am going to the Dr. on Wednesday for my shoulder i am in so much pain. It has been a week and a half and it has not gotten any better. It has not gotten any worse either really unless i am stupid and try to over use it but the big thing is it should be getting better by now. i can not do anything around the house. i have to have Roommate help with the laundry and dishes because i can not lift my arm the way that i need to. Son helps me pick up and clean and i feel useless.

~~~~ The slightest things have me crying out in pain and i do not want to live on pain pills. i have tried Tylenol and Advil neith
er of those work. The Vicodin i have for my back works but i do not want to take those all the time. i have given in twice so far and taken them. Once a few nights ago so that i could sleep and today because i am hurting so bad but i do not want to take more.

~~~~ i hurt so bad i can only crochet for little bits of time. Mostly i sit or lay down and read or watch TV. Let me tell you there really is not much of anything good on TV any more. More then anything right now i am watching movies and my DVDs of each season of M*A*S*H. Once i am done with those i am not sure what i am going to watch. i have the first three seasons of Northern Exposure but none of the others. i need seasons 8 - the end of JAG and i watch these with Roommate. i guess i could re-wa
tch Gilmore Girls again or Veronica Mars. i guess we will see how long i am in pain like this and what the Dr. has to say before i start making to many plans of what i am going to watch.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

~~~~ It has been snowing since last night and is not supposed to stop until sometime tomorrow night. So i am sitting inside my nice warm house looking out the window as i work on my laptop and my crocheting. i am making a new scarf for Son , and one for Roommate too. The work is going slow because my shoulder is still so sore.

~~~~ my mom without being able to look at it or feel it says it sounds like i pulled or tore a muscle. How i did it in my sleep i do not know but i guess i did. She says i need to go to the Dr. to have it checked but i have not done that yet. Until i do she said not to use it much and not to do anything that makes it hurt more. This means no laundry or cleaning because it hurts to lift anything or reach lift my arm higher then level with my shoulder. Just getting dressed is a pain in the shoulder that makes me scream. Putting on my bra is a new experience in finding ways to try and do it that does not reduce me to tears. Not to mention trying to brush my hair i swear my neighbors must think i am being tortured here when i am trying to brush my hair and there is no one home with me at the time because Son is at school and Roommate is at work.

~~~~ But anyway back to the beautiful snow that is falling outside my window. i wish i could be out there in it and just enjoying the beauty of it. my body just does not like the could though. Son is begging to go sledding but by the time Roommate gets home it will be dark and it is too cold to walk to the sledding hill by ourselves. So hopefully the snow will still be nice and thick on the ground in two weeks when Son is here for a weekend and not at his father's so that we can take him sledding. Maybe his father will take him sledding this weekend but i doubt it.

~~~~ Maybe this weekend i can get Roommate to go for a walk with me through the Park Preserves to take some pictures of the snow on the trees and if there is any freshly fallen snow the snow on the train tracks too. i can see the train tracks out my window and they look beautiful right now but it is too dark to get a picture of them i from my back yard i tried. The big oak trees in the front and back yard look so beautiful with the snow on all their branches too. i will try to get pictures of that soon as well.

Monday, January 4, 2010

~~~~ Sitting here watching M*A*S*H the TV series on DVD on my laptop while i work away at my crocheting. This past weekend Son was at his father's and Roommate was up north visiting his mom so i was home alone from Friday morning to Sunday night. i did something to aggravate and hurt my right shoulder and i do not know what i did or how it did it. i woke up Wednesday morning with what a thought was a stiff neck from sleeping funny but it turns out i did something to my shoulder and not my neck.

~~~~ i can not reach to far in front of my without my shoulder hurting and i can not lift my arm any higher then level with my shoulder or i am in tears. This is my right shoulder too so it really limits what i can do. i have been taking it easy and not over doing it but that does not seem to be helping. So i am going to talk to my mom about what i can do to make it better or what i could have done to hurt it.

~~~~ Any way in an effort to take it easy but still get stuff done this weekend i worked on my crocheting all weekend and got two baby blankets done and more done on the queen sized blanket i am making for one of my brothers and his girlfriend. While working on these i sat and watched M*A*S*H and am now up to Season 5. i love M*A*S*H always have since i was little and watched it with my parents. To me it is timeless and i could watch it all day long as i proved this weekend getting through 5 seasons in just a few days. The only thing i do not like about my M*A*S*H DVDs is that the first four seasons did not have a play all option so i had to get up at the end of every episode and go back to the main menu to pick the next episode.

~~~~ i also broke my Fujifilm FinePix a500 camera. It was on the TV table next to my bed and i accidentally kicked over the table in the middle of the night and the camera hit the wooden floor and broke. Now i need to get a new one of those. i found one on EBAY for around $40 and i need to see if i will have any money in time to get.