Friday, April 30, 2010

~~~~ Today is day two of FLYing for me. Yesterday i felt better so i shined my sink and i did it just like she said to on her website. Now i can not see myself in it but it is clean and shiny. Today i got dressed to my bare feet. It is supposed to be to my shoes my shoes but i do not wear shoes in the house. Plus it is so nice outside i am going to be wearing my sandals when i go out later. Roommate left a bunch of dishes in the sink this morning when he left for work so it was not all nice and shiny when i woke up at 10 but i washed the dishes and cleaned the sink so it is all shiny again for him to come home to.

~~~~ i really do feel good about getting this done. i just feel so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done and this website really breaks it all down into small easy to do bits that i can get done rather quickly so that i still have time for the other things that i need to do too.

~~~~ i think i may do what my friend has done as well and start another blog to keep track of how i do with my FLYing so that it is not all i talk about on here. In fact i think i am going to do that right now and i kind of know what i want it to look like too.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


~~~~ i have been in bed for the last week with problems from my side and migraines almost every day. i would say in the last 10 days i have had 8 migraines. i tried taking the Prilosec like my doctor told me and it triggered my migraine attacks. my head hurt so bad i was ready to scream many times. Not to mention it did not help the pain in my side so i had to choose what medication to take when both were really bad because i can not take my migraine medication and the Vicodine for my side at the same time. i am also waiting for the doctor to send me an order for a Hida Scan to be done on my Gallbladder to see if it is really what is causing all the pain in my side.
~~~~ So all this week i have been laying in bed watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on and working on crocheting an altar cloth for my altar at the office. i am almost done with this after pulling it out three times to change how i wanted it done. i am hoping that i will not be in bed with all of this much longer because there is so much that i need to get done around my house. Laundry has been piling up again and i want to get it all taken care of before next weekend but right now every time that i bend over for any reason my head throbs all the more and the pain increases 10 fold. ~~~~ After three years of major stress from my divorce that is now done and over with i get this sick. It sucks. It seems that my body does not know how to be unstressed so it is causing problems just to feel normal and i really do not like it. i have to go back to court sometime in May to find out how much child support is going to be paid to me and when he has to have paid off the $2725.00 he owes in back alimony by.
~~~~ A friend of mine from high school told me about a web page called and it seems like something that can really help me get my house under control. This web page takes you through with baby steps on how to get your life in order and get rid of CHAOS ... Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome. i have not started this yet but i really want to once i am feeling a bit better because the first step is to shine your kitchen sink and part of that uses bleach. Right now even thought of smelling bleach makes my head hurt worse. i have to wait until i am feeling better to do any of it really.


Monday, April 12, 2010

~~~~ i have to get my house clean. It is not dirty as in filthy but it is messy and cluttered. i have laundry to fold thankfully the last load is the washer now and i have a load in the drier that is almost done. Then it is time to mop the floors and clean the bathroom. i hate cleaning the bathroom it is one of the things i wish i never had to do but it has to be done. Then i get to clean to my bedroom and it is a total disaster. Then i have to move my the old bed from my bedroom upstairs to the little bedroom downstairs and move my new bed from the little room downstairs to my bedroom upstairs.

~~~~ Then Roommate and i have to get the huge old metal desk out of the back of his van and put that in the living room so that i can keep an eye on Son over the summer while he is outside playing and i am stuck inside working.

~~~~ However right now my side is hurting so badly it hurts to sit here and type this and i really do not want to move because that just makes the nausea worse. i have had the ultrasound done and they did not see any stones in my Gallbladder but that does not mean that it is not my Gallbladder but it can also be Gastritis so i have to try taking Prilosec OTC to see if that is what it is first. If my side still hurts after taking that then there is one more test that they can do. i just want to know what wrong with my side and why it hurts so much. i am tired of pain and stress and just want it all to go away.

~~~~ Now i get to go back to cleaning because the drier is done and i need to get those clothes out and the next load in. Ohhh what fun.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

~~~~ i am learning how to do the Tunisian Crochet style of crocheting and it is a lot of fun. i have a scarf that i am almost done with for one of my cousins and i am working on a baby blanket for a friend that i went to school with. He and his wife are expecting their first baby and i was in the marching band with him for 5 years plus he was in the scouts with my brothers so i have known him for many more years then just marching band. This type of crocheting is also known as the Afghan Stitch. There is a website that i found that has videos on all the different types of stitches. It is called NexStitch it has both Tunisian and Traditional crochet tutorial videos. i have mentioned this before i know but i am proud of the blanket i am working on it is turning out really nice. i have lots of pictures to post on my picture blog of my projects that i have finished and ones that i am working on. i have not been keeping up with that or Ravelry like i would like to so i need to catch up on those soon.

~~~~ There are also two other friends of mine from marching band that are pregnant and i am making blankets for them as well but they are done with regular crochet stitches. Not to mention my friend SB is pregnant with quads and i just made her four blankets as well. Plus white beret for her and a black one for her daughter as well as one in black for me. Plus the baby blanket that i am knitting for a daughter of Roommate's ex-girlfriend. my friends really need to stop getting pregnant. (LOL)

~~~~ i am thinking of making these baby blankets to sell as well and possibly the berets and hats that i make also. They are fast and easy and everyone seems to love them. Maybe i can make some money doing what i love and what relaxes me. It would not be much but it would be something and it would be fun to try. But then again when you start doing what you love for money in the end you usually hate it and i do not want to start hating crocheting. It has always been something that helps my relax and release stress. i also want to work on a lot of these hats and berets to give to the
Cancer Center of America right here in town. Plus i gave a bunch of baby hats that i made to Son to take to school before Christmas for the Mitten Tree that the school does every year. i also want to talk to the police stations in the towns near here and see if i can give them some of the winter hats and blankets for them to give to people who they come across that need them.