Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~~~~ At about 10:15PM last night i called my doctor to see what i should do because i had been having pain in my right side for 24 hours with nausea. The pain and the nausea would range from mild to intense but it was always constant. After waiting for an hour for my doctor to call me back i called his office again and they tried to get a hold of him and could not. The office called me back saying that another doctor was on call for him last night and i talk to her with in a couple minutes. She told me to go to the ER. So now it is 11:20PM and i am waking up Roommate to take me to the ER as he was dosing on the love seat. SB is still out visiting so she said she would listen for Son for me as he had been asleep since about 9:30PM.

~~~~ Before Roommate drove me to the ER i called my mom in OH to let her know that i was going in to the ER and i got there just after 11:30PM. Roommate waited until i got checked in then left and went home. There was no reason for him to try and sleep there since we did not know what was wrong with me or how long i was going to be in the hospital. Plus if i was in there after 7:00AM someone needed to get Son up are ready for school making sure that he took his Concerta and letting him know where i was and what was going on.

~~~~ So i am in the ER and the nurse is trying to give me an IV and draw some blood. They tried with the inside of my right elbow first and blew that vein because they did not listen when i told them that my veins jump and roll. So another nurse tried the inside of my left elbow and blew that vein as well. They went and got the head nurse and he tried the outside of my left elbow and guess what.... yep he blew that vein as well. Now that is the third stick with a needle and i do not like needles. The fourth time they got it in the back of my left hand and they taped it in good to make sure that it did not go anywhere. They took the blood they needed and started an IV with medication for nausea and pain. Well the pain meds helped and the nausea worked for a while until the gave me some kind of contrast solution to drink mixed with apple juice. Now i do not like apple juice to begin with and with this stuff mixed in with it i was trying really hard to choke it down and not let it come back up so that i did not have to drink another two cups of it. The straw that they gave me to drink it with actually was able to stand up in it for a few seconds.

~~~~ So after choking this stuff down i have to wait an hour with my nausea back full force and fight not to be sick before they come and take me to do a CT scan. After the CT scan is done i am back in my little room with just my book to read and my cellphone to text people but the only person who is up is SB. So i am letting her know what i know is going on and that is all of me feeling nauseous and the fun of being stuck four times for an IV.

~~~~ Half an hour later they tell me it is my Gallbladder and not my Appendix that is bugging me. The doctor delivers this news and it is the second time i have seen him all night, well all morning at it is now sometime after 3AM. He asks me if there is anything i need and i say yes i have to go to the washroom so he turns off my IV and hands it to me and walk down the hall to do what i need to do. When i get back from the washroom i am standing in my room trying to figure out how to get back into the hospital bed with both rails up and put my IV bottle back on the stand without pulling it out of my arm. As i am stand there like an idiot trying to figure out how to do this a new nurse's aid comes in and asks if i am going on a bathroom run. So i tell him nope just got back and trying to figure out how to get back into bed. He lowers the rail and hangs up my IV bag and i climb back into bed. He then takes my vitals, removes my IV but not the needle and leaves. At 4:30AM the nurse comes in and gives me some medication to take ... two antibiotics and a Vicodin. They wanted to give me two Vicodins but i said one would be enough. At about 5AM the nurse's aid comes back to take my vitals again and removes the IV needle and i am allowed to go home with a stack of paperwork to read. So i call Roommate and he does not answer his phone so i call SB and ask her to wake Roommate up so that he can come get me.

~~~~ At about 6:15AM i finally get home and there is no point in going to sleep because i have to wake Son up shortly for school. So i talk to SB for a little while and then call my mom to let her know what is going on. i had tried calling while i was in the car on the way home but it went to her voice mail so i left a message but figured i should try again. This time i got a hold her and told her what happened and what the doctor said. She did not even remember me calling her last night and telling her that i was going into the ER. At 7:00AM i get Son up and ready for school and by 7:30AM he is out the door. So i call my lawyer and let him know what happened and then call my boss and tell him that i just spent all night in the ER and that i am not working today because i have not been to bed yet in over 24 hours and i need some sleep.

~~~~ i lay down to go to sleep and slept until about noon when i wake up because i have to go to the washroom again. i realize that Roommate never stopped by my room to tell me he was leaving for work so i look outside and his van is still in the driveway. i run up stairs and find him on his PC. He called into work because he was so tired he could not keep his eyes open and needed to get some sleep. i told him next time to let me know when he calls into work because he scared the crap out of me that he was so late for work and i did not know he had called in. Now i have to get dressed for the day and ready to get my prescriptions filled and to take Son to his doctors appointment for a checkup and to get the referral for an Electrocardiogram to see if he has the same heart condition as one of his sisters.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

~~~~ AP and MB left Saturday evening to head back to OH. AP has a doctors appointment Monday and MB has physical therapy for his leg so they could only stay out for a week. SB is still here and that is great but i miss AP. She is my best friend and i do not get to see her all that much although we do talk on the phone almost every day. She lives over 7 hours away from me and her husband will not let her come out here to visit unless someone else pays for it and drives and she just tags along. Maybe i can get her back out here when my parents come out to visit. They should be coming out soon as we still have not done our Christmas gifts with them. Yes i know it is March but i have not seen my mom and dad since Thanksgiving as they also live 7 hours away from me.

~~~~ AP and i had a great time while she was out here. We laughed and joked and just had a blast picking on everything and everyone. She and SB got along great too. So that is wonderful. AP went to the office with me and helped get somethings ready for the move to the new office and jumped right into joking around with my bosses. It was so hilarious and we all laughed a ton that night. my bosses really seemed to like her and had a great time too.

~~~~ Son really loved having his uncle (MB) here. He really loves all of his uncles and loves spending time with them. Then again Son loves spending time with any male that will pay attention to him and spend time with him because his father does not seem to do that even when he only sees Son every other weekend. Son was not happy to find out that MB and AP left while he was at his dad's for the weekend and wants to call them and ask them to come back out to visit longer. Though he is happy that SB is still here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~~~~ i am sitting here in my living room with my middle brother (MB) and AP. They came out to visit me for a week. MB fixed my laptop because i got a virus on it from myspace chat and fixed our internet so that it runs faster. MB is now watching a movie on his laptop with earphones on so that he is in his own little world. AP is reading my written journal that i started back in December of 2006. While upstairs in Roommates room another friend SB is on the desktop and talking to someone on her cell. Son is due home in about ten minutes and Roommate is at work. We have a full house this week. SB is up from southern IL. She has been here for over a week already and should be here for the rest of this week as well.

~~~~ It is really nice though i have missed having a full house of people that are not always screaming and yelling. We can all sit and do our own things or we can call talk and play games. In face when Roommate gets home i am going to see if he wants to get everyone together and play Apples to Apples it is a really fun game. We played it last Saturday night with SB, E (SB's friend) who came over, TH, NH, CL, M_, and Son. We all had a great time and want to have everyone but E over again to play it this weekend as well, while Son is at his dad's for the weekend. It is a lot more fun to play when you do not have to edit what you want to say because of a little kid in the room. Everyone was good though with Son and loved that he was playing. i do not know if AP or MB have ever played the game so we will have to see.

~~~~ i have court tomorrow and SB and AP are talking about coming to court with me. That will be very interesting to see. They have been told to behave and not ague with my lawyer or my judge. We will see how things go but i know i am not getting my divorce. i am probably going to trial and that sucks. But i do not want to blog about my divorce because all that will do is upset me and stress me out.