Friday, December 31, 2010

~~~~ i have been wanting a Kindle from Amazon for so long and i finally got one this year for Christmas. my mom got it for me and i love it. Right now i am reading Emma by Jane Austen on it and i have over 200 other books for it already. Right now they are all free books from Amazon but when i have more money i will be buying a bunch of books for it. Mind you it will not replace me buying actual books that i can hold in my hands but will help with finding books that are out of print and hard to find. Or just cost way to much to buy the actual out of print book. 

~~~~ i can not wait to go through the millions of books online and see what ones i really want and what i can get. As i have said i have been wanting one of these for years and i finally have it.

~~~~ i also got a new printer/scanner/copier for Christmas from my oldest brother (2 years younger), and am getting a new laptop from my middle brother (7 years younger), and excellent baking pans from my youngest brother (10 years younger).  my mom also got me a ton of yarn for Christmas but i could not bring it all back home with me so it is coming with mom when she comes to visit in a few months. Not enough room in my brother's car because he drove out to IL to pick up Son and me and drove us home too. 

~~~~ It was really nice being in OH. Son got to spend a lot time with his oldest uncle and i got to spend time with AP and my family. Do not get me wrong i love where i live and i do not want to move but it would be nice to be closer to my family and see them more. Once i am driving and am making more money working i will be able to go to OH more often to see my family. That will be nice.