Thursday, October 28, 2010

~~~~ October 18th started out like any other day with a migraine i got Son off to school and then took my medication and tried to sleep as much as i could to get rid of the migraine. By about 2:00pm it was to the point of a bad headache and i could get up and be moving but not much. my mom called me around that time to tell me that my dad was in the hospital with pneumonia, low blood pressure, and dehydration. She said that they were pumping him full of fluids and antibiotics and that he would be fine in a few days. 

~~~~ i was worried but figured that i could talk to my brother K about getting out there that weekend so that Son and i could visit with him if he was out of the hospital. i had not called my brother yet because of my headache and i thought he was in the hospital visiting Dad. i was going to tell Son that Juedo (Arabic for Grandfather) was in the hospital but was going to be okay when we went for driving lessons with Roommate. 

~~~~ It turned out we did not go for driving lessons that day and it was a good thing that we did not. Right after i got off the phone with Roommate talking about why we were not going for driving lessons my mom called me in tears. This was about 5:30pm my time and told me that Dad did not make it. He had died about an hour ago in his sleep.  From that time on i did everything i could to get Son and i ready to get out to OH. Packing our bags and calling the school leaving a message that Son would be absent for at least a week and why. Calling my ex and telling him that Son and i were going out to OH for my dad's funeral and everything. Letting my friends know what was going on and talking to my brother about how we were getting out to OH. 

~~~~ We ended up flying from O'Hare to Cleveland and my brother met us there and took us to our parents house. We spent the week out there dealing with all of that and spreading his ashes. Now i will not say where or how we spread the ashes but that we did it. 

~~~~~ Sunday night my brother and AP drove me and Son home so that Son would not miss any more school. Son stayed home Monday to relax and catch up on sleep and AP and my brother left Monday afternoon to head back to OH because they both had things they needed to do and could not stay. Son went to school on Tuesday and all but one of his teachers told him that he is excused from making up all the work that he missed because he was out for the death of his grandfather. 

~~~~ Yes, i have left out a lot of details and that is because a lot of them i do not care to remember and some of them were not the best moments for the people involved and they do not need to written about here or anywhere.  But there are a lot of people that did everything they could to help me and Son do what we needed to do and i thank them.