Saturday, November 20, 2010

~~~~ i have been trying for the last three weeks to go and get my driver's license and it has not happened for one reason or another. Never anything that i caused or could have done anything to change but all the same i am the one that gets the frustration and anger caused by these events. 

~~~~ i wish i knew what to do and could get the point across. "Things happen for a reason" and i just wish i knew what that reason was. "The Universe only gives you what you can handle," i just wish the Universe did not have so much faith in me. All the typical cliches that are supposed to help but do not, are the only thing that i can think of. Asking "why me" does not get you anywhere or any answers all i can do is wait for this pass and get on with my life. 

~~~~ i know they say there is always something good in any situation you just have to find it. i can find the good i have seen what it is and i am thankful for it but still i wish that the bad things would stop already and i could just have some peace in my life.  For someone who does not like all the drama my life seems to be full of it and it is not my doing. Yes, i love to read dramas and watch dramas but i am sick of living a drama. i do not know how many times people have told me my life could be a great drama or a really great soap opera (and i NEVER watch soap operas) and all i can do is laugh and agree with them.