Monday, February 28, 2011

~~~~ i got a new phone today. my old one was really messing up and driving me nuts so i got a new one and i like it, i think. i have not had it very long, as in only about an hour. But it is smarter than i am and that is not a good thing so i need to sit down and learn it. That will take time but i will get it. i swear that i will.

~~~~ i even drove and got it all by myself and that is a huge thing for me. Driving is not my favorite thing to do but i am making myself do it as often as i can with short trips to start and then i will go farther and farther until i am just fine driving but that will take a long time to get to.

~~~~ So anyway. This new phone is a smart phone that is completely touch. i got the purple one but it also comes in black. It is the LG Optimus S. i looked at it on Sunday but had to think about it and see what i really wanted. This one does more then i wanted but, also does everything that i wanted it to. So now i have to enter all my numbers and alarms again but i will get it done.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~~~~ Lately i have been looking for a good yarn store and so far i have found only one yarn store near me and it is in the next state over well North. Now yes i do not live to far from the state line but still i would like to have one closer to home. It is only a 15 minute drive and i know i sound silly but i would really like one that i could walk to. There are so many open store fronts in the next town south of me (if i went the next town north i will be in the other state) and i would love to see a yarn and tea shop open up in one of them. But i just do not think it will happen in this economy or this era either. Yes, i know knitting was the new hot thing for a while with all the stars but i am not sure how many people around here actually picked up and are still doing it. 

~~~~ You always read about these Stitch N' Bitch groups that go to the local coffee house to meet and i do not even know of one of those in my town. i have asked around. The coffee house we have well in the next town over but it is there but the Stitch N' Bitch i have not found anyone that knows of one. Now i could try and start one and i may do that. It is just that you read all these wonderful books about yarn shops that groups of people getting together and sharing their lives. (i personally have five different authors on my shelves with stories like this and more in my wish list) At times i think i would love to open a tea and yarn shop,yes there would be coffee too, in town but i do not know how well it would work and really do not know much about that side of running a store. i have managed stores before but never had to do all the ordering and book keeping and all of that. i am sure if i asked my boss who has had a couple of stores before he could help me but like i said i am not sure it would take off and work and i can not right now put money that i do not really have into something like that. 

~~~~ Maybe this is a dream that i will just have to keep for the future and try when things are better around here. Right now i need to think about what is best for Son and i. Right now i am getting ready to go to school for Occupational Therapy. Maybe after i save up money from doing that for a while i can look into opening one of these yarn shops and see how it goes.

Monday, February 21, 2011

~~~~ i belong to a group on Ravelry called Lets Make A Gift of a Healing Blanket . This is a group of wonderful women from all over the world that knit or crochet squares that get sewn together to make blankets for people who need them. Last year in September i nominated my dad to get one of these blankets and he was voted as one to receive a blanket. Sadly my dad passed away on October 18, 2010 before he got the blanket so it came to me instead. 

~~~~ i have had it for a little while now and Son and i use it on the couch to cover up with and keep warm. It reminds us of my dad and makes it so that Son can feel he is still close. i have wanted to post pictures of this beautiful blanket for a long time but was worried some in my family were not ready to see it yet and now i hope they are because i am finally posting the pics.

~~~~ i love this blanket and these wonderful ladies so much and think that this group is such a great idea that i am not helping to make the blankets with more then just sending in squares. i am the US coordinator for making the blankets. This means that i get squares sent to me and i sew them into blankets and send the blankets to those whom the group has voted on as the recipient for the blanket for that month. Right now i am doing one every other month and trying to build up my stash of squares so that i can get the blankets done quicker and squares from more people. 

~~~~ If you have come across this blog and like the idea and would love to help please click on the link above and join us. Or just leave me a comment and i can get you the information to send the squares to  me or to the other person who is making the blankets and she is in England. We welcome squares from everyone, and from everywhere. They can be of any type of yarn, any color and any style between 5 x 5 or 6 x 6 inches.