Tuesday, January 17, 2012

       ~~~~ i have been so busy with school and everything. my GPA has been maintained at a 4.0 and i am very proud of that. i worked very very hard for that GPA. This semester i am taking Anatomy & Physiology I, College Algebra, and Beginning Statistics. It may seem like an easier load than last semester but believe me it is not. i will be very busy memorizing all the parts, pieces, and bits of the human body as well as tons of formulas for Statistics. Do not get me wrong i love learning and love school i am by no means complaining just commenting on what i will be doing this semester as well as all the things i need and have to do around the apartment for Son and i. 

~~~~ In the time that i have not written on here i been stung by a bee twice more and both of those landed me in the ER for allergic reactions. If i did not mention it on here before i was stung in June on the Left hand while driving. Then in October i was stung again this time on the left wrist and that landed me in the ER  because it was getting hard for me to breathe and i was getting dizzy and all that fun stuff. Then again in December. Yes December. i was stung on my left cheek while driving. The hornet was on the collar of my coat and i turn my cheek into it when i was checking to see if any cars were coming. Son ended up missing a day of school because he got to go in the ambulance with me to ER as i was on my way to take him to school. i missed by Biology final and had to ask the hospital to call my school for me and let them know that i would not be able to come in and take the final that day as i was in the ER getting treatments for an allergic reaction to being stung. i did take my final the next day and got an A on it. (Woooo Hooo) i was so worried that i would not because i was still groggy from the allergy medications i had to take as well as the steroids they put me on. 

~~~~ On the crafting front i am working on several projects, cross stitch pictures for several friends and family members, crocheting a blanket for myself as well as fingerless gloves, hats and scarves for a very dear friend of mine who is going through radiation for breast cancer. i am also working on some baby blankets for friends and a blanket for Son as well. With school starting again today i will not have as much time for my crafting because of homework and studying as well as housework that i will have to get done. Son is getting to be more independent and wants his time to himself more so my spending so many hours doing the things i need to do will not upset as much.  i do want to get back into photography again and am thinking about taking a photography class at school as an elective as well.