Monday, January 17, 2011

~~~~ i have been sick for over a week now and am finally starting to feel better. Now i have all kinds of things to catch up on. Like a weeks worth of dishes in the kitchen. i was so sick i did not want to get up off the couch at all and it took all the energy that i had to shower and get dressed. So today is going to have to be a catch up day and take is slowly day. Son has a doctor's appointment this evening and then we will have to go to Target to get is Rx filled (Concerta 36mg) for his ADHD. 

~~~~ i am trying to recycle some yarn from an old sweater of mine that was wearing thin in places and had a couple of holes and a few snags. i am not sure how well this will work but i figured that i would try and see what can be done with it. i have also entered all my knitting needles and crochet hooks on my Ravelry. Now i have an idea of what i have and what i still need to get. i also organized my sewing box that i keep them all in so that it will be easier to find everything in it. i just did this stuff this morning when i was looking for my seam ripper and could not find it. Turns out it was in my actual sewing box instead of the one i use for all my crocheting and knitting stuff. i think i am going to pick up another one to keep in with my yarn stuff. This way i will always know where one is and have one at hand. 

~~~~ Now i am tired and need to rest again before i tackle the next chore for the day. i can not wait until i feel better. i really hate being sick.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

~~~~ As this is the start of a new year i get to make a new visitation schedule up for Son to see his father. i mark all the calendars in the house (3) plus the one in my purse with all the weekends and holidays. Plus i print up a schedule (x3) with everything on it that we each get. So much fun.

~~~~ On top of all of that the hot water pipes to one of the un-rented apartments froze and burst sometime last night and we have NO hot water at all and the basement is FLOODED. The neighbor kids came knocking on my door asking what to do and who to call. This is after other neighbor kids borrowed a cup of sugar and some coffee filters also this morning. It is nice to know that they all know they can turn to me when something is wrong or needed. Now that there is no hot water for a while i called my ex and asked him to have Son take a shower there before he comes here. (Not that i think it will happen) 

~~~~ i am going to go back to working on calendars and schedules so that i can go back to read Emma on my Kindle. i do so love my Kindle. i was telling a friend of mine, that i have known since i was little and just started talking to again (KW), about it and she downloaded the app for her phone and going to get the Kindle for PC as well so that she can take them with her to the hospital when she goes in for her back surgery and can read the books that she wants that way.

~~~~ KW and i have known each other since we were about 10 or so. She and her mom used to live in the duplex above my cousins. We stopped talking for a while over something stupid and then reconnected around September on Facebook. Turns out she knows an ex-boyfriend of mine and several people i went to school with. She now lives in TN and we got to see each other when we were in OH for Christmas. We all got together at AP's apartment. We all had a great time when we got together too and read my Tarot cards for the three of us. Then just talked of things we have been through and mutual friends for all of us. i hope to see them all again soon but do not know when that will happen.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

~~~~ i do not normally make resolutions but this year i think i am going to give it a try. There are things that i want to change in my life and not just because it is the new year but because i want to be a better person and have been trying to change them for a while now.
  • * Lose weight and get into shape
  • * Get back to FLYing
  • * Work on my jealousy issues
  • * Go to school
  • * Work on my poetry
  • * Get my driver's license
  • * Give someone the space they need
~~~~ These are not in any particular order. They are just the order that they came to me. i need to work on several things that will make me a better person for me and help me to move on in my life. i have been through a lot and am trying to be the person i am meant to be rather then the person that my depression has turned me into lately. i am getting better but i still have a long way to go. (To the one that knows most about what i am talking about, "thank You, for helping me see things through the other's eyes.")