Friday, March 2, 2012

~~~~ i bought this at the bookstore of my school for about $60 and i love it. i have been recording my lectures from my classes and i can re-listen to them while i am reading my notes and going through my books and it really helps. i have never had to really study before as i have said so i am learning how to do it now. i been using it for my Anatomy & Physiology class and i am going to start using it for statistics class as well and see if it helps there.

~~~~ i have had a few classmates from A & P borrow it and listen to the lectures that they have missed and they have really liked it as well. It records decently from the back of the lecture hall i can still hear what my professor is saying and i can usually hear what the others answers are when we are asked questions. It records everything as a .pdf file so it is really easy to listen to from my laptop or if i really wanted to i could put them on my iPod as well. Usually i just back it up in my laptop the speakers on it are really good and the earphone jack works very well also. So i just listen to the lectures right off of it.

~~~~ This is one of the smartest things i have invested in and i will get lots and lots of  use out of it and it even has a slot form micro SD cards so i can save right to them or play from them also.  It is so much nicer than having to change the cassettes and carry extra cassettes. i just carry two extra AAA batteries just in case and the connection cord so that it can be connected to someone's laptop and they can get a copy of the lectures as well.