Friday, February 28, 2014

~~~ i got accused of being very small and closed minded about religions and "Gay Rights." Now let me explain i am pagan specifically Wiccan, i came to settle on the religion after exploring, searching, and studying many different religions from all over the world. i am will to discuss and talk about religions with anyone who is willing to have an open and honest conversation even a lively and fun debate but i will not discuss it with someone who is going to sit there and tell me i am going to hell or their religions version of hell because i do not believe what they believe. Do not lob at me statements such as, "My religion tells me i must 'SAVE' the non-believers." i do not need saving from anything except maybe you. 

~~~ i live my life as a good person and help others that need the help stranger or friend. i do not judge others, not even when they judge me or try to force their beliefs on me. Everyone is free to believe what they want and worship who they want in their own way. i only ask for the same respect and yes i mean ask i do not demand or expect it for anyone. 

~~~ As for the being closed minded on "Gay Rights" i was told that i "need to look at it from the point of a true Christian who is being asked to accept this sin as part of their life now and being forced to share their holy sacrament of marriage with these sinners." To which i was floored and was not sure what to say without being rude and calling the person a bunch of things i really try not to call people. When i finally was able get to past the screaming obscenities of my mind i responded with asking if they felt divorce was a sin against the holy sacrament of marriage, or if a spouse beating and raping the partner was a sin against marriage, or if a spouse emotionally and verbally degrading their partner was a sin against marriage? They looked at me and said yes and i said and yet you do not have a fit when people who do these things get married and do not protest and cry religious persecution. Why is the way someone is born a persecution to your religion?  To which they tried to argue that one chooses who they are attracted to by what they are taught growing up. At which point i just about exploded but calmly asked them if they chose to be attracted to their wife and their past girlfriends? They said, "Yes." i was dumbfounded could they really not tell the difference between being attracted to someone and acting on those attractions? They then asked me, "what if they chose to be attracted to a horse?" Internal rage filled me to the brim but did not spill out, where they really now comparing the love of two human beings to the act of bestiality? Now i admit i was a little childish in my response and said, "Well according to Greek mythology you would create a Centaur."  To which they replied deadpan, "to that i say, my science proves that cannot happen." Now i am shaking my head and laughing, "i said mythology as in myth from the Greek muthos  meaning word,or story" i did tell them repeatedly that it was their right to believe that homosexuality was a sin but that they needed to understand that science has proved that it is a way someone is born not a choice. i also said that they are told in the bible, "Let you who is without sin throw the first stone." And then chose to end the conversation before i said something i would later come to regret.

~~~ Yet i am the closed minded one? Mind you i have known the person i was having this conversation with since the day they were born literally.  Yet they do not know much about me because i would never hear the end of it from them. i am by no means ashamed of who or what i am, i just choose to keep peace around this person and not cause drama that others would also have to deal with. 

~~~ Yes, i do come across a little more closed minded on the "Gay Rights" front because i believe it is matter of human rights not religious choices. And i will always fight for the rights of those whom are being oppressed. Everyone has the right to be married and it does not matter the gender of the other human they wish to marry.