Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~~~~ Everyone loves a picture of a beautiful landscape or a well drawn piece of art but what about the stuff most people do not find beautiful? Weeds in the yard or an over grown garden? There are some who think that is beautiful too. But what about in a person who does not look like "everyone else"? Who dresses the way they want to and acts the way they want to rather then the way that "everyone else does"? Can you see the beauty in them? i wish everyone could answer that yes but more and i more i see that society can not.

~~~~ i dress my own way and wear what i want to and i get strange looks for it because i am dressed slightly different then the "norm". When they see what is around my neck most think it is just a charm or pendent with a crescent moon and a star. It is not until they look closer and see that it is a pentagram that they are offended and i get all kinds of rude, nasty, and ignorant comments for it. i do dress more conservatively when i am at work then i think and some mistake me for thinking that way. i had one customer in my store ask me if i thought it was as gross as she did to see another customer in my store that was covered in tattoos and not trying to hide them. When i told her that i have three tattoos of my own her jaw hit the floor. She thought that because my hair was up in a very neat and tight bun and i was wearing my glasses that i was going to be as offended by this person's appearance as she was. Now yes they had a lot of tattoos and they were all beautiful works of art on their body and it is how they chose to express them self. When i am not at work i do not walk around with my breasts hanging out or any thing like that and my clothes are not skin tight but they are a little more revealing. i love long flowing skirts and they are now in style but i have been wearing them for years and everyone used to say i was trying to dress like a hippie or some such non-sense. No i was just being true to myself and dressing the way i am comfortable.

~~~~ my brother who has several facial piercings, long hair, walks around with his cane, wears an Australian Slouch Hat (think Van Helsing), and his trench and he gets told, "H
alloween is over freak" or "Hey Van Helsing wannabe get a life." The hat he wears because he likes it, the piercings are a form of self expression that he wanted, the cane the thing most people think he carries because he wants to "pimp it" well .... that is there because he can not walk without it. my brother is one of the most generous people you will ever meet if you need something he is the first person to try and help you even if it is something that he really should not be doing because of his injuries. But people do not see that in him and it makes me sick.

~~~~ Now i have a very dear friend who is drop dead gorgeous, she could be a model for any major designer label but she does not want to be. She wears big baggy clothes to hide her perfect body and goes around with no makeup on. She is shy and worried about people liking her for what she looks like and not who she is. She learned very young in life that when people think you are beautiful they do not really care what you think or have to say. So she tries to hide her beauty to find someone that loves her for who she is not what she looks like.

~~~~ If you think of the people in your life like flowers in a garden. Are all your flowers exactly the same or do you have a large variety of flowers? Even some others might think of as weeds?